Mr. Robot on Flight459

Not having Netflix at The Firewood Temple, it was a real treat to find Mr. Robot on the entertainment screen on the way back. I calculated I could actually watch five and a half episodes while in flight but being seated in row 19 didn’t help with the engine roar; after about twenty minutes of some choppy dialogue, I realized I would need to buy the second season as soon as it’s released. 

Some of the main characters from season one remain while others have disappeared. Most of the bad guys are still around, Elliot and his crew, not so much. Yes, F Society had affected the world’s stock and commodities markets and injured Evil Corp but like The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company, it would survive even if all it’s systems were hacked.

The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company is so fearful of being hacked, it has a little icon animal that reminds us not to go to unauthorized sites with our iPad and a minor charge, you can get a tee shirt of the icon saying, “Security starts with you!” No thanks! It sounds terrible but how I wish I could walk into work tomorrow and hear John say, “We were hacked by F Society last night. IT and asset protection has no restoral time.” 

It would take every bit of my self control not to jump out of my seat and yell out, “Woohoo!” I’ve decided if I don’t get on the fiber crew, I will retire in January. I used to love this job but it’s nothing but unattainable effiency formulas and no one cares anymore. If there is a real F Society, please bring them to at least their knees. This too will pass

2 thoughts on “Mr. Robot on Flight459

  1. Be still my heart! I thought for a minute that Elliot was on your plane! I watched the show religiously and even got other people to watch it but it got too weird. Not enough Elliot and too much of that big-eyed, alien-like blonde. She was just creepy. LOL

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