Lagging Questions…

What did they call Jet Lag before there were jets? Was there Train Lag, probably not? No, I guess it really didn’t matter back in the iron horse days. In those days, you got on a train in Penn Station in New York and weeks later you were stepped off in Los Angeles. At what point did it become important to know what time it was in any place other than where you were standing?

Can you imagine the first intercontinental phone call. The phone would ring and the answering party would say, “Do you know what time it is here? Why are you calling me at this hour?” At what point did people have to remind themselves of the time zone differences? 

It’s 3:19am Pacific Time and it’s 6:19 East Coast Time but in Mumbai it’s 3:45pm tomorrow or today, I really don’t know nor care. All I know is the call center person wishes me a nice afternoon prior to ending the call. Don’t you find it amazing how you can take your phone out of your pocket and see what time it is in Dubai or Kuala Lumpur. 

I know this sounds stupid but I’ll ask it anyway; What time is it on Mars and is there time even there? Our space probe Juno just got to Jupiter. Is there time there? It takes minutes for communications to get back to us, does that mean there’s time there? So many questions, so few brain cells. This too will pass 

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