The ATM Is Out of Order…

I sold that house a few years back and since then, I’ve been an ATM machine, a cash dispenser of sorts but this machine’s tray is on empty. The funny thing is those who knew my secret code, 42273-I CARE, knew I would always dispense the funds. I do find it funny that for some reason there were never any deposits made back to the ATM. Don’t worry, I only have myself to blame for my past behavior. 

Maybe I wanted to be the opposite of my father though my father did give me 75,000 dollars when we bought our first house and never asked for it back. He always accused me of being a spend thrift and not saving my money and here  we are. Oh, it’s not about the money, it’s about the ingratitude I’ve received from those who knew the PIN.

My youngest son was upset at how I was helping the little family buy needed groceries and I could only give him 300 dollars when he asked for 900. He didn’t remember all the months I gave him a thousand. The safety video on the plane yesterday said, “Place the oxygen mask on yourself and then on others.” I will heed that advice from now on… this too will pass

PS… Looking back on those who walked up to the ATM, it was a variety of souls. There were those who asked and some who didn’t need to ask. There were those who needed help and didn’t even know that they needed help. Once again, it’s not about the money. I do know one thing, I better change my PIN.

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