Toonce’s Journey Home…

I took the early flight back home knowing I had a cat waiting for me and ten days in confinement was stretching it a bit for him being cooped up in a cage. The moment I walked in the front door, the staff upon seeing me all melodically sang out, “Toonce!” It was so cute to hear that. I replied, “Was he a good boy?” I knew the answer but asked it anyway. “He’s always good. A happy cat hospital success story!” . I replied, “Icks snay on the hospital-A! Your a cat resort!”

After paying the hotel bill, we were on a meow-fest ride home. Toonce doesn’t like car rides and let it been known. This time I engaged the window lock button so he couldn’t open the window and sail out. My poor scaredy cat meowed as he sat on my lap. At one point he retreated under the seat and left me a few presents out of fear. 

There was no problem getting to the resort for it wasn’t rush hour yet but for some reason the less curvy way back to the Firewood Temple on highway 12 was at a dead crawl… Toonce let me know he wasn’t happy, forty-five minutes later we arrived. The moment I opened the driver’s door he jumped out and promised never to ride in a car again. I then went looking for his gifts he left me. Toonce meowed, “Hungry here!” This too will pass

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