Trump supporters’ claim stuns CNN anchor These poor souls are a dull witted as a sack of doorknobs. Since when did President Obama say illegal aliens should and could vote? He didn’t do it! Fox News edited portions of a speech he had made. This totally reminds me of when Newsman Kent Brockman of The Simpsons edits a speech by Mayor Quimby so it appeared as if he said, “I support the devil!” People of little intelligence are easily fooled… this too won’t pass soon enough

2 thoughts on “Trump supporters’ claim stuns CNN anchor

  1. We have become internet junkies, believing all truth rests with what you read on the internet. So many false, edited, manipulated information that many a fool believes what they read without even trying to confirm the “facts”. Amazing stupidity in the USA! FOX is a major manipulator of “facts”! The GOP itself, as a party, fuels this misinformation and they will rot, sooner or later, in their cesspool of lies. The orangutan stirred it up and used these people for his own arrogant gains. If the Electoral College is just as stupid as these orange followers, then perhaps this country gets what it deserves and we will all suffer for it, including those so easily duped by T.

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