I Wish This Was Fiction…

Tashi’ mom is incredibly good at finding information online, it’s as if she’s a cyber detective of sorts. When I told her about Matthew’s newest problems, she went to work and found information about where he’s being housed, his case number and what they’re charging him with. I let out a gasp when she read off the three felony charges against him and I then groaned when she added the misdemeanors to the list.

I knew this day was coming and what’s more, I know it will only get worse. He’s mentally ill but he thinks he’s just fine. I can only hope some guard or counselor sees that he’s sick. Hopefully he displays his word salad to the right person. I pray, “Please Lord, let Matt make one of his bizzarre statements about how trees are stealing our water or let him giggle madly at the most serious moments of his life.” I know, what a thing to pray for!

His mother and I know that bailing him out would be like putting 50,000 dollars on red six on a Roulette table. The chances would be 35 to 1 that he would make his court date. The reason for why he didn’t make his court date would be, “My buddy’s cat was sick and he needed me to watch it.” So on December 9th, he will be brought into court and asked, “Do you understand the charges against you?” Hopefully, Matt will giggle out loud. The judge will then say, “What’s so funny sir?” Matt will reply, “I was just thinking what a dolphin would say in dolphin court?” This too will pass

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