San Diego Here I Come…

Matt’s arraignment court date is this coming Friday, I’ve decided to head down there. I wasn’t there for his graduation at San Diego State University, I will be there when he enters the University of Hard Knocks. Here’s the ironic thing about this whole mess, if he is convicted of his crimes and he does go to prison, he’ll be getting out just as I’m finishing paying his student loan payment. 

I laugh with tears in my eyes at the monthly statement letters I get from Sallie Mae and Navient. They keep telling us that continuing to make timely payments helps build a good credit rating. They also say that his degree will help get him that career, not job, he truly wants. Let’s see he’s qualified in the following: cleaning fryer grease traps, cutting loaves of bread into six inch lengths and holding those sign boards you see at busy street corners. He was let go from all three of those jobs for some reason or another. I forgot to mention his other skills that he got from San Diego State: joint rolling, shop lifting and drinking. He aced those classes and all the while I made his payments thinking he was taking other courses. This too will pass

10 thoughts on “San Diego Here I Come…

  1. When I visited my son, it was always a video visit. And, you mentioned that you hoped “they” saw that he was in need of therapy.
    My experience with my sons’ many visits to lock-up is…they don’t give a shit. He was just another number.

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