Thanks For Caring…

My sons and daughter have written their brother off. I guess it’s only in the movies that brothers and sisters look out for one another. You’ve seen those movies where the brother helps get his sibling out of a bad spot or prison and then the helper is shot and his final words are, “Take care of mom. She’ll need you now more than ever. Tell her I helped yo……..” 

Then there’s my family where one of my sons says, “Don’t help him anymore. Why do you even care about him?” While the other says, “He’s upsetting mom. I hate him!” My daughter isn’t so cold blooded. She says, “I hope he gets the help he needs.” What was the name of brothers on that World War II ship that was sunk in the Pacific? Five of them died trying to save each other? It wouldn’t have been The Guerra Boys. They would be on life rafts watching their brother sink to his death. 

I believe even Toonce senses my being upset. He is sending me energy by sitting on my chest. You might say he’s giving me cat reiki of he just likes where he’s sitting. I know that at some point Matt will attempt to call me today and ask, “Were you able to find me a good lawyer?” I’ll have to tell him that that’s not going to happen. I know he’ll feel abandoned, like on a sinking ship… this too will pass

8 thoughts on “Thanks For Caring…

  1. Do they have social workers in jails, detention centers? Some aren’t worth their degrees, but others might be able to get his medical file and the last doctor’s prescription. The social worker might also be able to get him into a psyche center for monitoring rather than a prison or jail sentence. Maybe, maybe, maybe. Family dynamics? Twists and turns, sometimes wacks and total silence for years. Not sure if there is anything close to a “normal” functioning family. No “Leave it to Beaver”, no “Father Knows Best” (what bull shit), certainly no “Lassie”. Interesting that so many of those celebrities in those shows ended up in rehab of some sort. Where were the minds of those script writers? Fantasy land, that’s where. What’s worse, the political gang or the family tribe? mmm

    But, the only one who really needs to be taken care of by us is ourselves. Kinda like the “if you can’t love yourself, how are you going to be open enough to love another?” Sometimes we just need a big kick in the ass to get that self-love started; yet we can’t do it alone. Lucky are we who have learned to ask for help and are vulnerable and courageous enough to receive it.

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  2. Those were the Sullivan brothers. As you know, my son is much like yours. His sisters have “written him off” but when push came to shove, they were there. They didn’t buy him booze, certainly, but they came through with food and clothes. They’re disappointed in him and hate what he does, but they know that his recovery is something that he alone can control. So sad for you. Maybe your children are just at a loss. You know, sometimes people just don’t know how to deal with something and they respond in anger…when it really frustration. 😦

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