I’m Caught In a TimeWarp

Life was simpler back in the Sixties. Yes, we had a war going on in a jungle known as Vietnam and there was that guy with the beard who smoked cigars who wanted us dead, so they kept telling us. I guess he out lasted all of our Presidents who told us that. Yes, life was simpler back then.

Speaking of jungles, the only Amazon was in South America and if you wanted to buy something, you went down to Sears and used your charge plate or paid with that stuff called cash. There were no credit scores nor ATM cards. If you had a banking issue, you would call your branch manager and he would tell you to come down and he would resolve it right then and there.

The touch tone phone wouldn’t be invented by Bell Labs for another few years., so pressing star 1and then 3 wasn’t an option. In the sixties you had a choice of phone colors as long as it was black and to make a long distance call required people at cord boards performing feats of mechanical relay magic. The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company employed union workers, now you call a call center in Mumbai or Manila and hope they go beyond the script in front of them.

Today Vietnam is our buddy and they are opening Marriotts and McDonalds in Havana in the coming months. Oh well, what are ya going to do? This too will pass

7 thoughts on “I’m Caught In a TimeWarp

  1. I remember those days, too, Juan. For a short while, I worked as one of the operators on a long line of call-relay boards in Hollywood, California. It was one of the most challenging jobs I ever had! And as my un-luck would have it, I was selected for the most challenging job, dealing with coin operated public phones, needing to compute charges and make sure the right number of coins was deposited.

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