Simply Tragic…

I really don’t know how much more I can take, Tashi called me this morning crying that she knew three of those who died in the fire. She goes to raves, thankfully she didn’t go to this one, she says a lot of dancing and fun happens at them. My heart would be broken if she had died, I’m wiped out as it is already.

I asked her who the three were and she sobbed, “Two were in my writing classes at Laney College and one guy was in my English class at the College of Alameda.” As of today they have found 24 bodies and officials think another 14 are still to be discovered. I told Tashi to go to her therapist and get it out before it eats at her. 

Most of those who died were around Tashi’s age. I hope the building owner spends some time behind bars. Who in their right mind builds a staircase out of bone dry wooden pallets? This too will pass

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