This Is About To Get Bad…

President-Elect Trump’s handlers keep telling us, “People took Mr.Trump literally and that was wrong.” Wow, I guess believing what your leader is saying is true is now a fault of ours. We should just accept anything he says as a truth. With not a single speck no proof that 3,000,000 illegal aliens voted, he told his followers,”I would have won the popular election if it hadn’t been for those three million illegals voting.” Doesn’t anyone else see how dangerous this man is? 

Unfortunately for this country, this narcissistic psychopath is now unstoppable. I just heard he’s thinking about hiring the CEO of Exxon to rule the Department of Energy, Ben Carson for the Department of Housing and Urban Affairs. Do you now see why we’re in trouble. The fact Steve Bannon, that White Supremacist I mean Nationalist, is advising The Orange Stalin makes me shake in my boots. 

If Mr. Trump is so willing to lie about small things, I wouldn’t put it past him to fake an international incident to provoke a conflict with Iran. His people keep telling us to give him a chance, eighty years ago, had the German people not given their newly elected leader a chance,  50,000,000 people might not have died. This too will pass

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