You Are Indeed Blessed…

Lately, with all that’s going on in my life, I’ve been using food as a crutch. You know what I mean, it’s that or heroin. Anyway, as I walked into Starbucks for the second time of the day, a young man with dreads was asking for money from a wheelchair. He mumbled, “Any change so I can get a room?” I walked by him thinking, “I can’t even take care of my homeless son.”

As I stood there and waited for my hot chocolate with extra extra whipped cream to be made, I watched him and noticed his shriveled legs. I said to myself, “The wheelchair wasn’t a prop. He does need help.” I happened to have a good sized hand full of change in my pocket and I went out and unloaded it in his cupped hands. He thanked me and I said, “No problem. Can I ask, ‘How did you land up in this chair?”

Here is his story; he was selling candy for his church down on Fruitvale Blvd., “It was cold that evening so I had my hoodie on and only these dreads were exposed. A guy came up from behind and began firing. I fell down and rolled onto my back. He was about to give the final head shot when he realized I wasn’t the right guy. His eyes opened wide and he ran away.” I replied, “A case of mistaken identity on steroids. Wow!” He replied, “I should have been killed after all those bullets. I’m blessed.” I replied, “I know you are blessed.” 

We talked for a few minutes and I came to the realization that that man is as close as I’ve come to a man of God. This too will pass.

9 thoughts on “You Are Indeed Blessed…

  1. Wow. I suspect many people may have passed him by, or dropped some change into his cupped hands and moved on. But, you stopped, asked him about himself, and got more than just a good feeling about helping a stranger. You created a human interaction. Very nice indeed.

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