A Day That Will Live In Something Something…

Yes, today’s the day we are annually reminded of the sinister attack on what was to be our 49th State of America. It was on that December 7th morning when the Japanese Imperial Navy attacked our base at Pearl Harbor. Thousands died and the rest is history. Don’t you find it ironic that we’re still dealing the residuals of what happened 75 years ago.

Japan, our worse enemy then, is now our best friend. In the 1940’s, who thought America would defend Japan from an attack by its closest neighbor? Just saying you admired Emperor Hirohito in The 40’s would have gotten you locked up or at least visited by the FBI. I know this doesn’t sound patriotic  but please stop showing us that grainy endless loop of the sunken ships and that tugboat with a pixelated name putting out a fire. 

Yes, it was tragic and yes thousands died but few today really care. In just 10 years, every participant who was there will have passed on and in less than 25 years most of the children of those men will have died too. Pearl Harbor served its purpose, it awoke “the sleeping giant” as Admiral Yamamoto stated prior to his death and the rest is history. 

Here’s something to think about, Remember The Maine was the phrase that got us into the Spanish-American War, Remember The Lusitania got us into World War One. The attack on Pearl Harbor helped end the isolationism mentality of the late 1930’s. FDR needed to help Britain and Russia defeat Germany and Japan and Pearl Harbor got everyone to fall in line. 9/11’s Least We Forget got us into something, I forget…

So before you want to jump on the bandwagon, know all the above incidents served their purpose. Sorry if this was too real…  This too will pass

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