A Storm Is Brewing…

I’ve decided to take tomorrow off and head to San Diego during the day rather than leaving after quitting time, somehow starting a long road trip after working doesn’t sound wise. Now they say a moderate storm is approaching and I want to be out of the area before it gets here. As soon as I drop off the Toonce Muenster at his resort, I will make my way to the I-5.

Ahhh The I-5, the only highway where you can be jetting down at a warp speed of 95 miles an hour and be passed by a loaded semi barreling at 110. The first time Matt was in trouble I made it to San Diego in record time. I think I might have broken an unofficial land speed record that day but there were too many tears in my eyes to see the speedometer…

I like San Diego yet I totally hate it. Of the four times I’ve been there, three of my visited have been to pull Matt out of the gutter. I am steeling my heart and preparing myself for seeing him in an orange jump suit handcuffed behind bullet proof glass. This too will pass 

4 thoughts on “A Storm Is Brewing…

  1. Put your foot on the gas but forget about how fast people may want you to go. Better to arrive safe and whole, right?! Taking belly breaths as you enjoy the sights go by. The Buddha would have understood.

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  2. I don’t know about prisons there but my son was never in handcuffs…just in another room, talking via video.
    Be careful while you’re driving. Keep your wits about you. You can fall apart later after you see him and talk to him. You have to remember to take care of you. 🙂

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