Carl’s Jr.’s. CEO for Labor Secretary…

Who’s next to be nominated by The Orange One? Mr. Bullwinkle Moose for Department of The Interior. He understands the importance of our forests… Trump has a plan for more good jobs alright but it won’t include a living wages no matter how many times he tells his rabid followers he’ll create jobs that will.  

I’ve never have had to work at a fast food restaurant but I’m quite sure it’s a pretty miserable place to work. Hardee’s, I mean Carl’s Jr.’s is your typical service industry workplace where a twenty year old low paid manager tells a 65 year mother of two 40 year olds, “When you’re finished unplugging the toilet, go and take over the french fryer and you need to smile more.”

Does anyone else think this appointment will be disastrous for working men and women? I’m sure the new Labor Secretary will be fair when it comes to workers rights, I think I have a fever. Wait, this just in, The Department of Interior will be headed by Yogi Bear. He knows pic-a-nic baskets and our national park system such as Jellystone. This too will pass

4 thoughts on “Carl’s Jr.’s. CEO for Labor Secretary…

  1. The orangutan is surrounding himself with billionaire executives who know virtually nil about the internal workings of government, and have not even an ounce of interest in helping people. This is mind-blowing.
    Now the finale days are left in the hands of the “Electoral College”. I wonder if they have the integrity, mindfulness, savy to vote against the Tumpo and elect someone with some sanity. I think it used to be a joke to say “the lunatics have taken over the asylum”, but now it has become a reality and it’s not funny.

    So, dance with me. We got to dance away our sadness and bewilderment.


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