I’m Understanding The System…

This is the first time in my life I’ve had to deal with our penal system of sorts; from the thirty-two cent a minute phone calls, to the hoops you need to jump thru to see your loved one, it’s totally frustrating and complex. With the help of Tashi’s and Matt’s moms, I found the details of making a reservation to see Matt do-able, until I tried to do it. 

The instructions were pretty simple, “Call at 10am to obtain a visit time.” I did exactly as I was told to do. A nice and caring female voice answered my call. I gave her my name, driver’s license number and the other pertinent information required. She then said, “Let me put you on hold.” A few minutes later she came back and said, “All visits are full for today call back at 10am on Saturday but the spots fill up fast.” She hung up… I guess trying to get a visitation is like trying to be caller 5 into a radio station’s contest line. 

I’ve got the mother of bad colds and as I was approaching the 580-101 split in Marin I said to myself, “Fly down there and avoid the 8 hour drive. Save the mileage on the car and arrive there less stressed.” I listened to myself and with points and cash, here I am sitting waiting for my flight DL2765 to LAX. 

Oh I forgot to mention the nice San Diego County Detention person did say I could see my son from behind glass when he’s arraigned at 8:15am tomorrow morning… I swear I’m ready to lose it but I won’t. This too will pass

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