The Call

Matt called me at 10:30 last night and after the usual two minute instructions on how to accept the call, there he way, “It’s me dad. Can you and mom get me a lawyer?” I tried to tell him that his mom and I aren’t wealthy and unfortunately for him, he’d have to deal with the public defender. It was at that moment he began to scream at me and pound the phone handset against the wall… A correctional officer must have seen his behavior because I then heard, “Inmate! Hang up the phone now!” The call ended abruptly. 

Twenty minutes later, the phone rang again. I took the call and followed the instructions but by the time I accepted the call he had hung up. I can only imagine what was going on there. Had he tried to call me back but been spotted by the same guard? I can tell by now he’s desperate and he understands he might be behind bars for quite sometime. 

 Yesterday, as I was working with a crew on a cable failure. T-Bone came up to me and said, “Hey Juan you need to chill and take it easy. I heard of the problems you’re going thru with your boy. How old’s your son?” I told him. T-Bone replied, “He’s a man. He needs to be responsible for his actions. I’ve known you for 5 years and I know you wouldn’t have told him to get all mixed up with that street stuff. You got to let it go for your own well being.” This too will pass

7 thoughts on “ The Call

  1. Given Matt’s circumstances, mentally, I’m not sure I would call him a “man” who can take responsibility for his actions. Until he’s on his meds, and sober, then he can assess his manhood and ability to take responsibility. I’ve worked with dual diagnosis people, mentally off balanced, and unless the meds are working, they will remain off balance and not “responsible” (they are living in a different world). You know this, Juan. Obviously T Bone hasn’t faced anything like it.

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  2. That’s very good advice to chill and take it easy. You need to take care of yourself, Juan. (That doesn’t mean you can’t also be there for him.)
    You work with people who obviously care about you. I’m glad to know that.
    I hope you manage to feel a little better and find some peace.


  3. T-Bone knows. Listen to him. tough love forces people to make better choices because they know it is all on them whether they sink or swim. And you need to take care of yourself, too. I hope that cold is gone and your weekend is a peaceful one.


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