I showed up an hour early at the courthouse to attend Matthew’s court date. The sheriff at the front door said, “We don’t open until 7:30.” I sat down on the granite planter box and waited. It was only then I noticed a group of people across from me had grown into a line long line.

I took my place behind a tall lanky young man who was feverishly filling out forms. We began to talk, he was at first was a man of little words but he let his tough exterior down. It was then that he asked me to use my phone but it was ring no answer. Adam told me was in the same position Matt is in now. The phone began to ring and I handed the phone to him, it was his ex-wife and child. The stoic young Adam had tears in his eyes as he spoke words of love into the phone. 

The call ended and he said, “It’s always hard.” He then assured me that Matt would be okay in the detention center and all the stories of violence are over blown. Hopefully Matt can be court ordered to a similar Salvation Army Treatment Center for a year or so, rather than the alternate. This too will pass

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