“Happiness in an intelligent person is a rare thing to find.” After giving up watching Mr. Robot, I scanned thru the movies and I came upon this gem of a film, “Papa” a movie about Ernest Hemingway’s life in Cuba prior to Fidel Castro’s rise to power..

Papa Hemingway was a brilliant man who had had enough of his life. Among other ailments, he suffered from a certain type of writer’s block I know so well; he so much wanted to write about the love of his life  yet he couldn’t get that first sentence down on paper. Nothing I can write comes close to what I want to say. I haven’t heard from her now going many months and I believe that any contact from her isn’t going to happen. 

Papa Guerra was also an anti-fascist, who looked up to Papa Hemingway after he had the guts to be a reportet covering The Abe Lincoln Brigade in Spain’s Revolution. Both Papas would have hated to see what has happened to this country. We have elected a man who will soon bring fascism to this great land of ours and who will be reporting on the coming street battles? No one… We have no true journalists anymore just propaganda readers who give us the party line…

The final words of the movie sum up Papa Hemingway’s reason for taking his life, “A man alone ain’t got no chance.” I couldn’t say it any better… this too will pass

One thought on “ Hemingway…

  1. A prophetic question, Juan: “who will be reporting on the coming street battles?” I live on a quiet side street between a grade school and high school. When I was sitting on my side porch yesterday morning, I heard angry shouting coming from the street in front of my house and peeked through the fence to see what was happening. Two large men in their 40’s were swearing and threatening each other. Suddenly, one ran and the other started chasing him threatening to beat the crap out of him. The violence of his voice and posture made it clear that he meant it. Without anger or fear, I decided someone needed to intervene and began walking toward the street to step in between them if necessary. It’s a rather long way to the street. As I walked, I realized that I had a number of things going in my favor because I am so physically unthreatening – tiny, grey-haired, soft-spoken, unemotional, and dressed in a funny yellow bigbird winter jacket guaranteed to make people laugh. Fortunately, the more aggressive man ended his pursuit before I made it very far down my long sidewalk. The incident made me realize the potential violence that has been unleashed in current times within every community. I also wondered how many of us will be willing to risk our own safety to play the role of building peace.

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