I Know He’s Sick…

LAX was bustling yesterday afternoon when I arrived yet somehow my bag showed up a minute after the carrousel began to turn. I had grabbed my bag and that’s when my phone began to ring. “An inmate at the San Diego…” What perfect timing, I could tell my son that his father was on his way and not to worry. 

The call went like this: J, “I just landed I’m on my way.” M, “Did you get me a lawyer?” Not hello or I hope we can visit. J, “We can’t. Mom and I put money on the books for you.” M, “I want my ID card mom has and get her to go to the WSWU place I volunteered at and get Linda to write a letter saying I helped.” J, “Ok but I don’t have a pen to write the information down.” That’s when he began to get loud and abusive.

After he told me how neither his mother nor I care and of how I helped my other children and not him, he started to smash the handset on the wall. It was right then I heard a correctional officer say, “Inmate! Hang up the phone now!” As I sat in early rush hour traffic on the 405, I thought to myself, “Why did I even bother to show up. I love and care about him but his behavior really will test a man’s soul.” This too will pass

12 thoughts on “I Know He’s Sick…

    • Oh and it took three hours to drive down to SD… I used my points from Delta and they don’t fly from SF to SD direct, I could taken a flight from SFO to Salt Lake City to San Diego probably faster


  1. This too, will pass, but the journey from beginning to end is certainly a painful one for everyone involved, Juan. He is not ready to be helped and may never be, but the fact that you keep trying shows that there is hope in your heart. I wish you a weekend of peace. 🌹 Clare

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  2. I am so sorry you are going through this Juan. I am wishing the best for your son, I know it must hurt you and his mother so very deeply. It is hard to be detached from one’s child but you are doing all you can, keep your chin up.

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