My Bridge of Sighs…

When I was a teenager I traveled to Italy with my father on a whirlwind vacation. We visited the many churches and as Marco, the tour guide said, “Here we have ABC-another bloody church.” We passed by the famous bridge of sighs in either Florence or Venice. (I don’t have the energy to Google it.) All I remember is being told the prisoners would be led from the courthouse to their doom over that bridge. 

Let’s fast forward forty-five years and here I stand waiting to enter the San Diego Courthouse to see my son arraigned on serious charges. I wish I could say I wish it was me behind the glass but I don’t. Matt was never denied anything and I treated him with as much love and caring a divorced dad could do and here he is, about to walk over San Diego’s Bridge of Sighs.I was just informed that’s the new Bridge, the older one will do until the new one is completed. The last thing Matt yelled at me yesterday was, “You came down here to be on some sort of vacation!” I didn’t say it but I wish I had, “You’re right Matt, I told my supervisor I wanted a same day vacation and I then got down here as fast as possible to watch you be told of your criminal charges. Now that’s a vacation!” This too will pass 

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