Real Life Court vs. TV Court…

The online page said, “Court begins at 8:15. Arrive 45 minutes in advance.” I arrived at 7am just to be sure I was’t late. The bailiff opened the door at 10:45am. After a few warnings, the four of us concerned relatives and friends were escorted to the gallery out of view of the inmates. 

Third up was Matthew Gurrr-rare- rah. The judge was corrected by the Hispanic court clerk, “Your Honor, that’s Guerra.” He said, “Sorry. After speaking to your public defender, I understand you are willing to plead guilty to amended charges….. The prosecutor will drop the two more serious charges.” A humble and soft voice said, “Yes your honor.” Two minutes later he sentenced Matt to 180 days in the county lockup. 

Unfortunately, nothing will be solved by putting him behind bars for the next six months. I was hoping he could be diverted to a inpatient treatment program. After the four hour court date, I came back to the hotel and crashed out totally spent. This too will pass

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