A Dreary Day in Laguna Beach…

Having all but given up on being able to visit with Matt, I called Josh and asked him if he’ll like to get together. He had plans in the afternoon but would somehow fit a visit in with me. Talk about Cat’s in The Cradle… The scheduled meet time would be 9am in Newport Beach rain or shine. 

I began my drive north; all the while thinking of the soap opera script I’d market to television producers. I have an incredible gut wrenching plot for my latest soap opera. How’s this, a man loves his children and others and he tries to do what he can for them and still they feel slighted. I bet a season or five of episodes could be built around this premise alone. It can be set in Laguna Beach where I am standing now. 

I really don’t want to give away it all but instead of having the lead characters being a wealthy plastic surgeon and a wife with a drinking problem, the guy can be living in a RV. He so he can give to those he cares about. Of course, there will be many plot twists and conflicts. I think a great name would be One Life to Live. What’s that it’s taken? How about This Too Will Pass?

2 thoughts on “A Dreary Day in Laguna Beach…

  1. You’ve certainly got enough of the lived experience to make for a fantastic script. Subplots and all.
    The log cutting buddy, the cat and his adventures, the …… Will this TV series be rated R or X?


  2. This Too Shall Pass is a great title… are you taking time to write? It can be challenging when you have a lot going on. Taking yourself out for delicious coffee drinks and writing episodes or scenes on a regular basis would be good for your writer’s soul.

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