Goodbye San Diego…

With my face in the pillow and one eye and said, “It’s time to get out of here. This was a waste of effort.” For my efforts, I got to hear my son plead guilty and say, “Yes your Honor, I understand.” I had three miserable phone conversations with him and really other than that, not much else. Oh and I got the hate from my youngest son telling me, “Let him die dad.”

Quickly I got up and took a shower, threw my dirty clothes in my bag and made my way to the elevator. The old man attending the front desk had nodded off long before I showed up and me clearing my throat did the trick of awakening him. He could only say, “Eighteen dollars a night for parking.” I really didn’t care, I just wanted out of there. A few minutes later I was on The 5 towards LAX. When I got to the rental car return place, I didn’t bother waiting for a receipt. The car wasn’t going anywhere and the back up spike strips would stop that from happening.

I jumped on the shuttle bus where we were met by total LAX traffic gridlock. Delta flys out of Terminal 4 and I was able to compose this post in its entirety waiting to get to Terminal 4. I’m going to get an earlier flight back to pick up Toonce. In someways, Toonce cares more about me than most of the people in my life… This toowill pass

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