Let’s All Go To The Lobby!”

The last time I had been to a movie  theater was with Josh down here in Newport Beach. A suppose the movie theater needs to sell screen space to stay in the black so when a box of singing popcorn box tells me to do something, I do it! Then came a sultry woman came who told me to, “Find love with Avion Tequila!” I think the jail system is filled with people who have tried to seek love with tequila and other spirits. 

A moment of culture came to the screen when a special presentation of Puccini’s Madame Butterfly was announced. A really doubt the 24 or so movie goers would find the opera entertaining no, they were here to see Office Christmas Party. A delightful piece of swill which both Jason Bateman and Jennifer Anniston should have their screen actors guild cards taken from them for their roles in this piece of human waste.

Though, I must say this film had everything a movie of this sort would have: nudity, sex, peeing gags, drinking and drug usage, not in that order. I loved Jennifer Anniston in Office Space and loathed her in this dreck. Please don’t get me wrong, I like funny gags and raw jokes in movies but it truly catered to a common denominator audience when it wasn’t product placing. 

I believe Uber was mentioned 6 times and the beer and vodka industry got their money worth. I don’t want to be an ending spoiler but, shhhh Jason Bateman ended up with the young intelligent woman and Jennifer Anniston, the cold blooded sister, resolve her childhood differences her party animal brother. 

Somewhere in Newport Beach, a movie director is depositing his ill gotten gains into his checking account while he says, “That wasn’t my best piece of work but it paid for my wife’s Bentley.” If I hadn’t been with Josh, I would have listened to the box of popcorn and never looked back… This too will pass

2 thoughts on “Let’s All Go To The Lobby!”

  1. There is bound to be a movie made of the latest USA election. Russian vodka; sleazy political intrigue; nasty language spewing out of female and male orangutan supporters; possible death threats and assassination attempts’ lots of crotch grabs, maybe even sex between the orange one and the putino. A blockbuster? i wonder who will play who? Then, of course, when the electoral college declares the election null and void, riots in the streets with lots of blood.

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    • I hope there is a revolt because this is criminal… nothing less. Maybe he knew the Russians were hacking but he couldn’t control his mouth…It will do him in. Nero fiddled while Washington burned


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