Random Thoughts…

It’s finally come out, Hillary Clinton was a part-time abortionist when she wasn’t Secretary of State. I guess it doesn’t matter anymore, the election is over and The Orange One will soon be anointed king over his commonwealth. “Make America Great Again” is his battle cry and so a what if a few million people get run over in the process of making it great? The ends always justifies the means when you’re a psychopath.

I’ll give it to The Donald, he’s adding successful women to his cabinet. Mrs. McMahon, the former CEO of The World Wide Entertainment Corporation will run the Small Business Administration. Instead of debating issues around a conference table, she’ll orchestrate a cage match. Vince McMahon will be brought to call out, “Ladies and Gentlemen! Let’s get ready to rumble!”

The CIA has come to the conclusion that the election was indeed rigged by the Russians. You know, Mr. Trump has been criticized for not telling the truth but he wasn’t lying when he said the election was rigged; I wonder if he knew something?  Mr. Putin must have believed the fake news story that Hillary had that moonlight job… This too will pass

5 thoughts on “Random Thoughts…

  1. Let’s go back to the founding days of our country where those who ran our country did NOT get paid. They came to Washington D.C. 6 months out of the year, then went back home to their farms and businesses to support themselves the other 6 months of the year since they were not paid. They served their country not for gain, but for their love of the great U.S of A.!! The people there now are sneaky slimy snakes. Though Trump is extreme, he was voted in to get rid of all the greedy, crazy liars in DC.


  2. I happen to like Hillary. I admire her spending time in college through all the years, with others who had less. She was in her 20’s and there won’t be any demonstration of Trump being kind, generous or caring in his 20’s. I happen to believe what happened on her computer has nothing to do with criminal activities.

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