I Knew Something Was Wrong…

(Before I start, Toonce and I want to thank everyone for their concern and caring) That being said, I had a feeling something was up when I called ahead to tell them  that I’d pick him up a day early. The receptionist said, “The doctor wants to talk with you. Can you pick Toonce up at 3:30?” All along I was saying, “This doesn’t sound good. Be prepared.”

I showed up as a puppy was sitting on the lap of Santa. The receptionist said, “We were going to surprise you. Toonce sat on Santa’s lap earlier and we’ll e-mail you the pictures to you!” After I paid the bill, the nurse came out from the back and escorted me into an exam room. When she did that, I knew the news wasn’t going to be good. The doctor came in holding Toonce saying, “Toonce was a good boy. He was the only cat in the boarding room so he slept anywhere he wanted.”

That was the good news, quickly the doctor changed her tone of voice and said, “Well we did that x-ray and Tooncie has a mass on his lung and it’s…” I finished her sentence, shook my head and closed my tear filled eyes. I replied, “I had a feeling.” She instantly said, “Oh it won’t be tomorrow but he’s 14. We won’t want him to suffer.” She went on to describe what a terminally sick cat breaths like. When it gets close to that point, then that will be a bad day… This too will pass 

16 thoughts on “I Knew Something Was Wrong…

  1. Juan,
    I’m so sorry to hear the news. It’s good that you know what to listen for. Our dog before this one had a heart based tumor and when things got bad, her lungs began filling with fluid. I could not convince my son to let her go peacefully. The night she died, her breathing sounded like a freight train running under water. She drowned from inside. I felt helpless.

    I don’t want you hearing Toonce struggling to breathe, and I don’t want him struggling unto death. Here’s hoping that his final days will be among his best as he spends them with his best friend forever.


  2. I really didn’t “like”this. I’ve not been around, but saw the notices on your blog, and knew what was happening. I’m so so sorry Juan. I just wen through thatvwith my cat last spring. Just so sorry. Hope it goes peacefully and easily for him and you. Sending you my thoughts and prayers. Big hugs.

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