I Really Don’t Know What To Say…

Toonce looks totally healthy but after seeing the mass on his little lung, I know soon he won’t be around much longer. The doctor and I know his months are numbered due to the cancer and his age. That’s one good thing about being a cat, he lives in the moment. When we got home, he made his way to his food area and meowed for some early supper. As it gets closer, he will probably stop eating and it will be time…

Last night I fell asleep exhausted at 7:30 and thru the night he was glued on my shoulder as if to give me comfort. I know what you’re thinking, “A cat comforting a man?” He’s an intelligent being and he cares. This morning, I followed the doctor’s orders by leaving him in the RV while I’m at work. There’s no use having him cold all day and I don’t want to have him go off, if you get my meaning. Why do cats want to die alone? This too will pass

10 thoughts on “I Really Don’t Know What To Say…

  1. The only thing that does not pass is the love we hold for another, whether for a human being or an animal. Even if that love ends in disaster or death, the memory of it remains until we die. I will remember till I die my first love! I also remember with dear fondness my finch, Allegro, who sang and gave me much joy. His death told me that I indeed loved him.

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  2. It’s said that pets can detect cancer in their humans…I wonder if Tooncie Booncie knows and he’s helping you. I don’t know why cats go off alone. ..dogs do too. Come to think of it, so did the Inuit people, but they were more nomadic.
    I hope you’re okay, Juan. Stay strong.


  3. I can’t press “like” on any of these terrible posts. I’m so sorry. He’s so beautiful. I’m happy he’s hungry and I hope he defies the odds. As long as you treat him normally, he may not know he’s sick. Life is never the same when our loves are gone. But he’s still here and I’m so happy for that. Sweet and lovely cat, that he is. Like many of the hateful things in life, there’s no real reason for our animal companions to have such short lives…other than to torture those they leave behind. That’s the kind of planet this is. I woke up thinking about him. Sending many hugs his way.


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