A Coughing Fit… 

Mr. Toonce was inside all day and he was happy to see me. He greeted me with welcoming meows and then hopped out to get some fresh air. I called to him, “Come back as soon as you can. You’re sick and you don’t need pneumonia.” I closed the door and turned on the heater.” No sooner had I taken my boots off, I heard him scratching to be let back in. 

We laid down together and went over the day’s events. He slept most of the day and looked out the window quite a bit. I did all of the talking and he did all of the soft meowing and purring. Suddenly, he began to cough violently and I kept saying, “You’re going to be okay Tooncie. It’s going to be okay.” Maybe I’m just telling myself that to stay strong…

After a minute or two he stopped coughing and he went back to purring. My daughter then called and I had her do her patiented high pitched “Tooncie Booncie Baby BooBoos. My little man” routine. Toonce heard it and his ears moved as if to say, “I know that voice!” He jumped down and ate some cat yums and he seems to be okay for now.” Thanks everyone for sending me your caring words of hope in such a hopeless and sad situation. This too will pass

3 thoughts on “A Coughing Fit… 

  1. What a lovely evening. Tooncie Booncie seemed to understand he was better off staying indoors today. I’m glad he enjoyed his cat yums too. Keep staying strong and remember to take good care of yourself too, Juan. 🙂

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  2. Just keep hugging and kissing him. I wish they could operate on him. Things like this are life’s little way of killing us slowly. I really believe that. I’ve been where you are right now, He’s beautiful and perfect and he’s happy and sleeping with you. He’s a sweet boy.

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