The Russians Are Coming…

If I have to hear Kellyanne Conway again tell us, “President Trump didn’t mean that, what he was trying to say was…” I’m going to lose it. She’s a fake but most of our fellow citizens are dumbed down to see it, I suppose a smile will make most men believe anything…

It doesn’t take an advanced degree in cyber-security to know that the Russians hacked into our e-mail system. Do you remember how a couple of months ago the news came out saying the Russians wanted poll observers stationed at our polling places? You would have thought that would have raised a red flag…

Trump told his audience, “I invite the Russians to hack into our e-mail system to get more information in Hillary!” The crowd cheered, “Look her up! Lock her up!” What candidate has ever told a foreign government to meddle in our election system? Wait! We have done that to other people’s elections but that’s beside the point.

Again I say, one of the few times Donald Trump hasn’t lied was when he told his crowds, “It’s rigged ladies and gentlemen, I know it’s rigged!” Wasn’t it Ms. Conway who then said, “What he meant was…” This too will pass

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