The Rain Taps

The weather people are saying the big rain event will hit tonight but I think it already got here, they just don’t want to scare us. All night it’s been coming down and without fail, Toonce asked to be let out in this monsoon. I advised him, “Dear, if you go out you won’t like it! No cat likes their fur wet!” He wouldn’t listen and quickly scurried under the vehicle. 

Outside it looks like one of those monster truck venues and I could almost hear that man’s deep voice calling out, “Wednesday  Wednesday Wednesday! Watch cats and people slip around in the mud!” I’ll be parking at the top of the hill and I won’t try to venture down the muddy road for weeks. It’s a minor inconvenience for living here rent and utilities free…

The constant rain tapping above my head can drive a sane man mad. Ahh I just got the signal from Toonce that he wants in…… Sure enough, he jumped. His meows seemed to say, “Please dry me off if you’d be so kind and in turn, I’ll serenade you with some delightful purring!” I suppose he had a bit of cabin fever and he just needed a little fresh air. Right now it’s all good, live in the moment Juan… This too will pass

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