Rain Is Falling From My Eyes…

On December 2nd of 1991, I found my seventy-five year old mother near death on the floor of her bedroom. I rolled her over on her side and a minutes later, the Petaluma paramedics rushed her away, she passed the very next day. Eight years ago on December 10th, I woke up and went into my father’s room and found him slumped over dead. Don’t feel bad for him, he had lived to a ripe old hate of ninety years. I never shed a tear for either of them. I almost danced a gig of joy for I had out lived my most sadistic torturer.

Five days ago, I was informed that Toonce has lung cancer. He is 14 years old and is not long for this world, I went home with tears in my eyes. Toonce being a psychic cat of sorts has been laying on my chest as much as I let him. He doesn’t know that he’s ill yet he senses I’m in real pain. 

Yesterday my daughter and her mother made a remark about how I had a Bengal Cat picked out to replace my buddy. I almost lost it on them and thankfully for everyone, they were on the other end of a phone and not in person. No cat will replace my buddy Toonce. To tell you the truth, I’m very close to being done with the whole lot of what people would call my loving family. No one knows it yet but they will… This too will pass

9 thoughts on “Rain Is Falling From My Eyes…

  1. The insensitivity of others can be amazing, even my own. Toonce probably does know he is dying as well as knows you are grieving, Juan. The bond you have formed with each other is beyond the purview of many who just consider animals as a separate species, toys, amusing and annoying “pets”. They forget that we too are animals, sometimes pretty dumb ones. If we had an ounce of the inner raydar that animals have, I think our world would be a better place, a place of compassion. My heart goes out to you, Juan.

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