Ethel and Julius Rosenberg Are Saying WTF!

Doesn’t anyone else think Mr. Trump telling a foreign government to access our computer systems is tantamount to treason? The above two people were tried, convicted and executed after they passed nuclear secrets to the Russians during the Cold War… Sixty years later, our 45th President told the Russians to go for it. I guess, Mr. Trump wanted to win so badly that he told his buddy Vladamir Putin to hack into the Democratic Committee’s e-mail system…

I find it quite ironic that some Republicans who once stood next to their hero Ronald Reagan, are now embracing Mr. Putin. Let’s not forget Mr. Putin was the head of the Soviet Union’s KGB operations. Trust me, he’s no friend of ours and only a moron would think he is…

Hopefully this whole disgusting episode in America’s history ends when the electoral college meets. I doubt the outcome will change because quite frankly, this country has been dumbed down to a point where most people only care about slogans and sound bites. Make America Great Again… This too will pass

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