I’m a Soaked Rata…

I made it to a Peet’s to dry off between jobs, even with my raingear on I’m totally soaked. My next job is a report of a wire hanging low and the person who called it in was concerned enough to call us to check it out in this storm. Most of the time, it’s a mistaken cable TV wire. I’m taking this job till the end of my shift. 

The rain was coming down so hard on Interstate 80 heading towards Albany that it caused the traffic to slow down. Of course and without fail, some clown made a sudden lane change and I almost hit him, luckily I stopped in time. My old truck leaks so bad that it’s a constant struggle to keep the windshield clear. My mind is on other things…

Hopefully, Toonce is warm and dry up north. I’m sure he’s getting cat cabin fever or he’s working on his second or third nap of the day. Off this boring subject of rain, I Googled “Toonce Booncie” and his name came up! I think that’s totally cool. I told him, “Hey look Toonce your name came up.” He wasn’t impressed. I guess I’m an easily impressed cat caretaker… this too will pass

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