“Pro Trump Electors Receive Death Threats?” Yeah Right…

Kellyanne Conway is up to her old tricks again; this lying charismatic psychopath and her narcissistic boss are now spreading the rumor that poor defenseless Donald will not be elected President of The United States because electors willing to vote for him are being threatened. Please… Does anyone really believe this lie!

We all know that these two “people” and I use the word “people” lightly, will stretch the truth and lie at the drop of a hat. The only truth for them is winning at any cost and the cost for winning is telling the truth. I guess when Trump’s handlers say, don’t take what he says literally, well that’s their get out of jail card…

Remember December 18th 2016, that’s the day when we turned this country over to a fascist dictator. Notice how he filled his cabinet with retired military personnel and business people. He’s a leader who has promised to build great autobahns, I mean great highways. He’s promised to creat jobs and give his people bread and make this country great again. I’m always thinking, that’s great but on who’s back? Trust me, it won’t be his billionaire friends backs…

Doesn’t anyone besides me see something terribly wrong here? Mr. Trump outright lies and when questioned about it, his henchmen and women always say, “Oh The Media is to blame! Don’t trust them!” His troop of simple minded followers will believe anything he says. I wonder at what point he’ll tell his followers, we need to cleanse our country of the taint of Hispanic and Muslim influences… Okay I’m over the top but it happened before and it all started with a simple lie… this too will pass

6 thoughts on ““Pro Trump Electors Receive Death Threats?” Yeah Right…

  1. Monday, Dec 19th, is “D” day! Either the day Donald is shown for what he is by the Electoral College and they vote him out, or it is Doomsday for the USA. We can’t let this mess cause us a heart attack, but it sure is causing much fear and sadness about the state of our nation.

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  2. Monday may be recorded as “Black Monday” in the history books. I think every media source and every politician with integrity should call upon the Electors to vote Trumpo out on his butt.

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  3. Wouldn’t it be great if whenever these pinheads spoke, there would be a truth o meter in the photo, saying liar liar pants on fire! I honestly can’t believe how truly stupid our fellow Americans have become. I just hope like hell we all survive.

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  5. Reblogged this on Scotties Toy Box and commented:
    You are so correct…. and it scares me how they just deny reality and demand we all disregard truth to fit their own wishes. How many times did I scream when the Donald would claim he did not say or do something we had him on video doing! I couldn’t , and still can not understand how he got away with that. Thanks for the post. Hugs

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