You Meet The Smartest People…

Today I met Phillip Seigalman PhD and it was truly an honor speaking to him. The second job of the day found me up in the Berkeley Hills. The ticket read, “No dialtone with a status of medical emergency.” I showed up and quickly diagnosed the trouble and then spent an hour talking to Mr. Seigalman about the state of affairs of this country.

Doctor Seigalman knows how serious times are here. His life has revolved around the study of fascism, Marxism and dictators. After Googling him, I saw how many books and articles he’s written concerning those three topics alone. He agreed with me that America 2016 is indeed Germany 1933 and if things go as planned on Sunday, it will be less than two years before fascism takes over this country. 

He reminded me that Germany was a good place to live shortly after the Nazis took over, people were working and times were good until the scapegoating started. He and I agreed that the scapegoating has already started and America is on a fast track to an even more terrible dictatorship should the Orange One be voted in tomorrow. This too will pass

4 thoughts on “You Meet The Smartest People…

  1. It is so scary. The vote is Monday though, the 19th. Not tomorrow. There are demonstrations going on in every capitol city in the country to encourage the electoral college to do what it needs to do to save us from ourselves. I’m not hopeful though, that enough of them will have the courage to do it to save us.

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