Henry Kissinger Burn In…

This morning I heard the interview with Henry Kissinger on Face The Nation, I almost got sick to my stomach. Old Man Kissinger says, “Putin is a man who cares about his country.” As if that makes Mr. Putin’s recent actions okay. Oh, he added he hopes we are doing some hacking against Russia. Did I hear that right? Mr. Kissinger thinks Vladimir Putin is an okay guy, now I’ve heard it all. 

Looking back to those good old Vietnam War days, wasn’t he a supporter of bombing the bejebous out of Cambodia and North Vietnam. He killed thousands in the name of not letting another domino fall to communism? Our Right-Wing buddies want us to believe Henry Kissinger is an old wise statesman. He helped in so many dirt coups and political assassinations that his hands are covered in imaginary blood. 

Mr. Kissinger hangs close to home lately because there are a few countries he can’t travel to. He would be arrested on the spot and tried for his role in war crimes and crimes against humanity. Old Man Kissinger is 93 years old and hopefully his days are numbered. Imagine a man who killed thousands of people getting the Nobel Peace Prize, why that’s as crazy as a dictator in 1938 and 2016 getting The Time’s Man of The Year award. This Too Will Pass

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