Sunday Sermon…

The last few technicians couldn’t get into this House of The Lord being it was a weekday but being it was Sunday I got in no problem. I was up at the terminal when a well dressed man came out and shouted up, “Brother, are you here to fix our internet?” I replied, “Yes! You’re Mr. Massey.” He smiled and nodded yes. I told him I’d be in his church to check the line out shortly. 

I boomed down and walking thru the double doors. There he was, at the lectern singing his heart out. He waved me in and without missing a beat he pointed me to where the telephone panel was located. While my test meter went about its job, I walked back into the hall and swayed with the Christmas music. 

Reverend Massey’s audience consisted of maybe 15 people. Everyone was singing their praises, even the little old women were rocking out. I got the circuit back up and as I was finishing up outside, Mr. Massey came out and thanked me for fixing his line. He then said, “I need to get back to what I was doing.” I cheerfully said, “I like your church!” We both smiled and said, “Merry Christmas!” This too will pass

5 thoughts on “Sunday Sermon…

  1. I like that you were able to help, that you did not make a show of it, and that you did not feel the need to assert your own views on the worship. I don’t know your views on worship, I respect you did not feel the need to insert your own. Be well, I think I will really like your blog when I get to know it. I have too many emails I have to get to right now to but then I will be back, I am following and I will learn about your blog. Be well and happy. many hugs.

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