This Is What My Night Consisted Of…

The heavy rain on Thursday caused multiple cable failures thoughtout the Bay Area. I was volunteered to help Rob on a failure in Richmond. In the summertime an all night job is pleasant but with the temperatures near freezing, it’s no fun… I get to play the role of ground assistant and hand a needed wrench or tool down the hole.

My mind is solely on Toonce stuck in the RV. Hopefully he’s warm and not worrying where the guy that feeds him is… this too will pass

11 thoughts on “This Is What My Night Consisted Of…

  1. I admit I am new to the blog, but I am lost. I can not even figure out what the picture is. I do hope your friend in the RV is OK, I lived in an RV for almost two years and I loved it. It was the best home we ever had, and that includes all our homes in West Palm Beach and my first new home in New Hampshire. I would still have it if Ron had not had a nervous breakdown and we needed to get out and into a regular home fast. I am glad you were able to help, everyone can use a willing hand to help them. Be well. Thanks. Hugs

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  2. Oh so you and Rob work on cable lines? That is a great calling as we all depend on them so now. Do you live in an RV? I had a wonderful 40.4 foot fifth wheel. It was to be my retirement home, but we had a tire blow out, sad situation and Ron freaked. He then insisted we sell, and the doctor said he needed to be out of it. SO I gave up my wonderful RV and my grand fully loaded Dually truck to save my hubby. I think I made the right choice. Best wishes to your cat. What kind is he? Hugs

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  3. That does sound very cold! I hope you’re keeping warm yourself. Tooncie Booncie is warm and comfortable, I’m sure. He can probably sense how cold it is outside. He’ll be happy to see you — and get more of those cat yums. 🙂

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