Let’s All Shift To The Right…

Soon Berkeley and San Francisco will be the only place a left thinking person will feel safe to air their views. With a Right Wing President and a Republican House and Senate on tap, this country will soon embrace fascism whether it wants to or not. 

Think about this, Donald Trump was elected not for his governmental savvy but by him constantly using his simple four word phrase, “Make America Strong Again.” A simple four words for simple people… Many of the simple minded will lock step themselves willingly into the darkness.

Everyone wants to say the attack by terrorists is the threat we should be afraid of, it’s not. The real battle will be trying to keep what few civil liberties we have as a people. I heard on NPR a group of cyber-wizards will not help the government make a list of Islamic followers but don’t worry, there will be plenty of those who will help. Fascist leaders always find the willing to do their bidding.

No one thought in 1918 that those of a certain descent would be persecuted twenty years later. Many of those who were hounded in 1939 had fought courageously in The Great War. Here’s another thing, eighty years ago paper lists were made. Now we do it using web enabled lists yet nothing has changed. Who really knows if we are on the same path to destruction but all sign point to bad things on the horizon. This too will pass

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