The Home Front…

Sometimes I think my life is one big trench battle and an unexpected granade could cause instant havoc in my life but that’s no way to live. Let’s unroll the maps of the various battlefields I’m dealing with. Okay, notice the blue lines here, that’s us. Matthew is under control for the foreable six months. Unless I get some sort of shocking news, all is quiet there.

Okay everyone, The Joshua map in Newport Beach is next. His hotel across from the John Wayne Airport was sold by The Fairmont Hotel Group, hopefully he’s able to keep his job. We’ll have to keep an eye on that situation. Over here, Hunter and Family are hunkered down in New Jersey due to freezing cold weather. A early spring offensive is coming but it’s classified… 

Would you help me unroll this one, Tashi is preparing for her next battle which is great. San Francisco State University is her next objective and hopefully she succeeds. Finally, it’s The Toonce Front, he’s still coughing but he still has an appetite. When he loses it, I’ll be forced to take him to sick bay and black tag him.

The two things everyone loves while in the trenches are warm socks and letters from home. I have plenty of warm socks… I’m scheduled to work Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and The 26th… I guess you can call it guard duty of sorts… I might get a piece of minced meat pie or a thrown together plate out of pity for the guy who has to work on Christmas. Life is good… This too will pass

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