Toonce has thumbs if there are such things on a cat but there wasn’t much he could have done in this instance. I must have been half asleep when I took my shower this morning. It’s coming up a blank and all I can think is, I must have not noticed the water dripping ever so slightly as I got out and dried off All day it kept dripping until the gray water tank was full. 

They say a single stream of water dripping can cut a mountain in half, I don’t know about that but it can soak a RV… I walked in and yelled out, “What happened here buddy?” Toonce meowed, “You left the water running?” He didn’t too upset for he had even more important things on his mind, like a delicious supper being served…

The water actually forced me to clean the floor and I’m okay with that. Toonce watched as I used a few rolls of paper towels, the rolls Toonce had gotten to. Mr. Toonce enjoys clawing paper towels and toilet paper rolls to shreds. It keeps him busy and if I was a cat, I’d probably do the the same thing. Next time, I’ll make sure the valve is shut completely, no harm no foul… This too will pass

5 thoughts on “DripDripDrip…

  1. I knew a fellow RVer who was flushing his black tank. HE forgot he left the hose running connected to the flush valve. He only remembered when water started flowing over the top of the RV from the vent pipe. What a mess it made inside as it had flowed out the toilet also. 🙂 Glad your clean up was easier and not so bad. Is your RV on private property, if so you can use a dry well ( a fifty five gallon barrel with holes filled with drain rock ) for the grey water. Not black, but gray only. Hugs


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