3 thoughts on “trumptastrophe: noun. catastrophic event so stupidly careless and destructively ill conceived even Goddess is shocked and outraged.. — Moon Maenad

  1. Interesting. Sadly I think we will see many more harmful tRump actions. He has surrounded himself with people as bad or worse than he is. There will be much harm before this is over. I think more discrimination and much more bigotry is going to become a normal every day occurrence before we can beat it back into the sewer where it belongs. Be well. Hugs


    • Thank u Scottie..ur words, thoughts, and sentiments r much appreciated…we have many tuff battles ahead but I have confidence we will overcome..and I believe so strongly in our causes it’s my mandate to do all I can to reverse this administration and its evil agenda-I have righteous indignation on my side..I too wish I well and hugs and prayers to u and yours for this new year…goddess bless😇🙏🏼👸🏽

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