Let’s Make Some Blood!

My first job out of the chute was a no dialtone trouble at a fire control panel for this massive medical corporation campus. I had never heard of Gilfors Diagnostics until now. The guy who let me into the phone room was a nice man who when asked, “What does Gilfors do?” He said, “We create blood.” I replied, “You can’t get enough of that stuff now-a-days.”

Create blood? I guess we as a people are good at spilling blood, we therefore need a corporation to replenish what we have spilled. Just today I saw how babies in Syria are dying at an extremely high rate due to bombs, bullets and other violent acts. That poor little girl sitting in that ambulance in Aleppo is long forgotten but it looked to me that she could have used a pint or two…

I wonder who will get this blood, I doubt it was her because quite frankly, she didn’t look like she could have afforded it. Why don’t we try something different and I know this sounds like a bleeding heart liberal’s idea but how about not spilling blood needlessly. Maybe guns and bombs aren’t the solution to life’s problems. This too will pass

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