Ring In The Holidaze…

I truly hope this holiday season will be peaceful, I mean what the heck more can we ask for..? Yesterday or was it the day before, a hijacked truck plowed into a holiday street festival in Germany and shortly there after our local government spokespeople warned, “We must be alert yet enjoy the holiday.” Last night on the way home I heard the Mayor of Oakland say, “Please don’t let the tragic events in Europe spoil your holiday.” 

Trust me, I really doubt a terrorist could find Oakland on a map if they tried. Don’t worry about an Islamic jihadist coming here with weapons blazing, we have our local crews to take care of that department. They found 3 people dead in a car in East Oakland; I believe the occupants were probably selling something more than Girl Scout Cookies. 

Being it was Safety Wednesday at The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company today, we had a 30 minute power point presentation (I like saying power point) revolving around being street safe. In the 1950’s our parents did the duck and cover routine, we were told today to do the same should the bullets start flying around us… Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. This too will pass

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