A Few Hours of Overtime…

The last rainstorm caused a lot of cable failures in The World’s Largest Telecommunications Company’s facilities. A 2700 pair cable failed shortly after the rain stopped falling and soon crews were working in 24 hour shifts to restore the affected customersz They don’t my buddy Rob,  “Workovich” for nothing, he stayed out three nights in a row helping the construction splicers besides doing his regular shifts on the failure…

As I’ve said before, when it rains it pours, money that is. Rob, in the last two week period grossed 12,000+ dollars and December 30th check will be even bigger… There is no way I can compete with my meager 60 hours of overtime in this pay period, not that I’m trying. I’m physically and mentally tired. Don’t get me wrong, I want to take a breather but I’m scheduled to work till next Friday… 

I have no vacation time nor even unpaid days left until January 1st. On Christmas Day, I’m going to work 10 hours because at 105 an hour, it makes up for having to work when everyone else is off. Uncle Sam will get his share no doubt. Who know, there might be a cable failure called in on Sunday. Then I’ll be out till the cows come home. This too will pass

2 thoughts on “A Few Hours of Overtime…

  1. My friend there is both good and bad here. Life is a trade off. Your friend working all those hours may bring him money.. however is that what he thinks life is about. It doesn’t matter how many hours you work or how much you can make at your level, if you waste your youth, your life, if you neglect the important things that make life worthwhile. Specifically a lover, a warm body to hug and hold, a friend to talk to.
    My other half takes an extra shift mostly every other week, sometimes every week. He does this as we are getting ready to rebuild the kitchen and that will take about 7,500. We don’t do repairs on credit so we have to have cash up front. On the other hand he knows how working so many hours affects me. So he makes sure he spends as much time as possible with me, and if he works an extra shift , he makes sure he gives me another day as a compensation. There is more to life than work. There is much more to life than money. Be well. Hugs

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