This Is Christmas…

I’m sitting in this Starbucks at the corner of 65th and Hollis in Emeryville. The usually busy store is nearly empty and you can tell the employees are chomping at the bit to close down in exactly 3 hours. Elvis’s rendition of Blue Christmas is playing in the background. 

On the way down to Oakland, I stopped at a packed Safeway Food Mega-Store in Novato to get cat yums. I had told Toonce I’d get a bunch of cans and I lived upto my word. The cashier at the checkout waved me to aisle four. She asked, “Are you having a nice Christmas?” I replied, “Of course.” 

As my cup of hot chocolate drew to an end, one of my favorite songs came on above me, Vince Guaraldi’s Peanut’s Classic. I don’t know the actual name but you’d know it if you heard it. Christmas isn’t a brightly colored tree like Snoopy had on his dog house, it’s the story Linus tells of the first Christmas. Merry Christmas everyone! This too will pass

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