An Ending To Christmas Eve…

The drive north was uneventful until the last half mile. I was listening to NPR when suddenly up ahead in the middle of the road was a young woman.  I veered away from her and continued on, I said to myself, “She’s going to get killed.” I turned around and came up beside her, “You want a flashlight?” She replied, “Can I get a ride to the bottom of the hill?” I agreed but I instantly dreamt up a lot of bad scenarios.

The minute she entered the car I smelled alcohol over her overpowering perfume. She looked as if she was around Tashi’s age, which later she told me she was. I asked her where she was heading, “Can you take me home to Sonoma?” Again I agreed, all the while my mind was saying, “This could turn out real bad. That’s all you need is her telling people you attacked her.” 

As we drove towards her parent’s house, I told her to take care of herself and to seek help should drinking become a problem. She told me how her sister was killed in a drunk driving accident and you could just tell she was self medicating her pain away. We talked about how she was traumatized and how she needs help. We approached her destination, she jumped out and off she went… I turned around and continued no my journey home thinking to myself, at 23 she’s heading down a sad and painful path. This too will pass

8 thoughts on “An Ending To Christmas Eve…

  1. It was grand of you to take the chance and help her out. The world needs more people like you. Sadly many people drink for different reasons, including as you say to self medicate some pain away, either emotional, or physical, even sometimes spiritual. Be well and happy. You are special. Hugs


  2. That’s good of you to be an angel in that moment for her. So many young people from 15-25 are filled with so much pain. I’ve seen them as a junior high teacher and now as a community college instructor. I suggest rehab, counseling, and other services more than I ever imagined I would have to…. There is a way out of pain….may she find it…

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      • It is sad….some people are in such a dark place they have somewhat of a death wish. I knew a girl in college who walked in the worst parts of town late at night hoping to get killed. There is so much pain in the world. I thought about making a video to address suicide attempts and this dark place that people find themselves…sometimes as young people without realizing life can get much better…we can get stronger and make it through more than we imagined. Doing the shadow work is tough…it is easier to write about it than to make that kind of video. I’m considering it though…

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