Christmas Came To Bevmo…

The shelves were stacked with wines and beer, soon customers would be flocking for their booze fueled cheer. 

The workers were wearing bright red with cheer, they knew that soon the hounds would be loading up on their premium beers. 

I walked in and asked for the store manager to see but was told she was counting the store’s taken in money.

 Today is the day they take in the dough, so what if tomorrow their most of loyal buyers feel sick and low…

The job was easy and within minutes I was done, it was then a store worker was confronting a hapless bum.

The drunk yelled to the guard, why are you treating me like this, the store security guard said he didn’t give a piss. 

Today it’s Christmas at Bevmo alright, Merry Christmas and have a good night…. This too will pass

4 thoughts on “Christmas Came To Bevmo…

  1. Interesting work. Very sharp with imagery. I did have to take a second look at the picture as I think the two shoppers are a bit young to indulge. Then today they all start young. Hugs


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