Totally Unstable…

I walked into this McDonalds to grab a bit and work on a post. As I’m waiting for my food, a screaming woman with a crying six year old girl walk in, “Help me! He’s after me please call the police! He’s going to kill me!” A man came on behind her saying, “I don’t know what she’s talking about. I don’t know her! Her kid opened the door on my car door.” Once I realized it wasn’t a domestic abuse situation, I said forcefully, “Let’s settle down now. You behind the counter, have the manager call Berkeley P.D. and you two both separate.” 

The woman was handed the store’s cordless phone and sobbed hysterically while she spoke to the 911 dispatcher. After a couple of minutes the woman handed the phone to me and I spoke to the dispatcher. A few minutes later three squad cars showed up and started to sort out the stories. The man was calm and collected but the woman in the store was still upset and crying.

I went back to my table and began to eat my Big Mac when the female police officer came in and tried to speak calmly to the woman. It was at that exact moment that I said to myself, “She’s got issues.” The woman began to tell the officer how she doesn’t feel safe at home either and she is like, “Driving Ms. Daisy” whatever that meant. 

The officer tried to focus her back to the incident at hand but she kept saying how she works at the homeless shelter and the Berkeley PD has been called to her house many times… At one point, the officer knew who she was and told the woman to go home and be safe. As I was walking back to my truck the officer caught up to me and said, “Thanks for defusing that. We know her and she and she does this stuff often. Poor daughter of hers.” This too will pass

11 thoughts on “Totally Unstable…

      • I feel sorry for her child. Our next door neighbor when I was growing up was mentally unstable. She was so mean to her kids. I always felt so sorry for them. One time she was mad at my mom for some reason and was chasing her inside our house with a butcher knife. I was 5 and was hiding behind a chair. I had never been so scared in my entire life. The neighbors were always telling her husband that she should be committed, but he ignored us. We had played with her kids prior to that incident, but after that we never spoke to them again. The police were not called. It was messed up for sure.

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  1. It is hard. In this case the woman seems to have had no reason to call for help. However on the other side. I grew up in a small town with more cattle than people. My adoptive father was a brawler. He loved nothing more than a good fight, he would even take on several people at once. By the time I was in the family that stuff had settled down, yet no one in the town was willing to challenge him. Now looking back it seems many people in the town suspected I was being abused, yet no one was willing to challenge my adoptive father. The town librarian would give me books about children who had been raped and gotten help, thinking she had done a great thing. Yet I was not allowed to have books at home and not allowed to use the phone.. How was I to get help. She would have done me a favor to call the police with her suspicions. But I don’t blame them, it was a different time and they were all afraid.

    I think that you were willing to stand up was grand. Most people today are not. For one reason or another they simply put their heads down and look away. I can not do that. Two years ago I got between a woman and a man because the man was beating her. I wouldn’t have it. People asked me later, a guy who needs a cane, who has trouble walking and yet got in the face of a young man able to wail on a woman, what were you thinking…. Well I was thinking of all the times in my youth I was being hit and abused and wanted it to stop. So I did what anyone would do, what I hope they would do. I stood up, got between them and demanded he stop. Of course it helped that Ron came running out after me and he is rather an imposing man for 61 years old. Any way. Great job. Hugs

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